ISRI presents Safe Driver of Year Award to Schnitzer employee

Harry Squires has logged close to 40 years without an accident.

From left, Jerry Simms, then-chairman of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, with Harry Squires, Greg Schnitzer, Paula Esty, Colin Kelly and Michael Kirschman of Schnitzer Steel.

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), has presented its Safe Driver of the Year Award to Harry Squires, an employee of Schnitzer Steel Industries, Portland, Ore. The award was presented to Squires during the ISRI 2014 Convention & Expositiom in Las Vegas, April 6-10.

The award, in its second year, recognizes drivers who have driven a commercial vehicle for at least 20 years without incurring a preventable accident.

ISRI note that Squires has driven his entire 39-year career without a single preventable accident. During that time, Squires has logged nearly 2.5 million miles. 

“Driving a truck in challenging road and weather conditions while hauling scrap for miles is no easy task. Those who perform their job each and every day while keeping an emphasis on safety deserve recognition,” said Commodor Hall, ISRI’s transportation safety manager. “For nearly four decades, Harry Squires has been transporting goods in a safe and reliable manner, while ensuring the drivers under him do the same. He truly exemplifies the many truck drivers who keep America’s roadways safe.”

Kathi Gibson, transportation program manager at Schnitzer Steel Industries, said, “Harry’s safety record is exemplary and his team would be the first to tell you that as the lead driver for the facility he serves as their role model. His contribution to highway safety includes handling all pre-hire road tests and training. He also handles all transportation needs at the yard and monitors all our trucks to ensure they have the right permits. If you were to spend a little time with Harry, you would quickly see that his dedication is rooted in his commitment to, and concern for, those he works with."

The second-place winner was Bill Willis of Grossman Iron and Steel Co., St. Louis, and third place went to Joseph Romeyn Jr. of Padnos Inc. in Holland, Mich.