Bulldozer in landfill
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Integrated Waste Solutions Group opens environmental park in central Texas

The park features the first landfill to be developed in the region in 30 years.

June 4, 2021

Integrated Waste Solutions Group, a waste management company based in Austin, Texas, has announced the launch of its 130 Environmental Park landfill in Caldwell County, Texas. The municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill is the first to be established in the region for more than 30 years.

“Central Texas is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. That growth, coupled with the closing of one of the market’s landfills in the next five to six years, created an opportunity for an environmentally sound waste facility,” says Scott Bradshaw, vice president of operations and business development. “130 Environmental Park answers that need and provides a new geographical hub for Integrated Waste Solutions Group.”

130 Environmental Park is a mixed-use development of more than 1,200 acres in northern Caldwell County. The facility sits on 520 acres with a 202-acre footprint for waste. The facility will use two 725 articulated dump trucks, two 826 trash compactors, two Cat D8T Dozers and a Cat D6 Dozer all of which will be operated by eight employees.

The landfill is part of the company’s “hub-and-spoke model,” meaning the landfill will act as the central hub for waste generated within a 100-mile radius of the area, which includes the area between San Antonio, Houston and Austin. The company will incorporate transfer stations and additional recovery facilities in the area to act as spokes for its services in waste management.

Collections will be done by Central Texas Refuse, a full-service waste and recycling company operating in the central Texas area. Central Texas Refuse is owned by Integrated Waste Solutions Group.

While the company’s primary focus in the area will be establishing a network of transfer stations in the region, that is not the only thing they will be working on. Bradshaw says that the company also plans to expand into construction and demolition recycling and other needs of the market.

“Internalizing the waste and recyclables we collect allows us to better control our costs,” Bradshaw says. “If we did not own our facilities, we’d be at the mercy for what the market would require for disposal and processing fees at recycling centers. When you own the collection and process, you’re able to be more consistent in the marketplace, and provide more attractive offerings to other area haulers.”  

Charles Appleby, the vice president of post collections at Integrated Waste Solutions, says the company plans to have the first transfer stations underway by Q1 2022.

Community engagement is another important part of Integrated Waste Solutions Group’s business model.  Along with developing the transfer stations and recycling facilities, the company intends to build a community center within the park. The goal is to educate residents about what the landfill does and how materials get processed, and the value the facility brings to the Central Texas area.

“One of the main challenges for a landfill is local acceptance,” Appleby says. “A lot of people think a landfill is just a smelly dump or a hole in the ground. Our take is: let’s educate them and show them what is really going on in a landfill. It helps us as an industry when we can educate the citizens about what takes place. It gives us a personal touch.”

The community center is currently in the design and permitting stages of the project. Appleby says the company is planning to open the center early next year. An industrial park is also in the works.