Indorama launches 100 percent recycled PET product

Indorama launches 100 percent recycled PET product

Plastics recycler says flake, pellet, fiber and filament forms will be available.


Indorama Ventures Public Co. Ltd. (IVL), a chemical producer based in Bangkok, has introduced a 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) brand it is calling DEJA. The new product is part of what Indorama says is its plan to deliver responsible and sustainable growth. In addition to having its headquarters in Thailand, Indorama operates sites in 31 countries.

DEJA is available in flake, pellet, fiber and filament form and can be used in multiple applications. To produce DEJA, Indorama says it expects to recycle 140,000 metric tons of plastic bottles per year.

In a news release announcing the product, Uday Gill, Indorama Ventures CEO of Fibers, says, “IVL’s heritage in pioneering recycling technology across 100 percent recycled PET flake, pellet, fiber and filament applications has enabled our performance-led product ingredients to achieve a global reputation as a quality, industry benchmark. It follows that a progressive product needs a progressive brand. We celebrate our products’ performance and proudly acknowledge their sustainability with our new premium brand DEJA, whose sustainable messaging will resonate with both our converters and their customers. We are confident that IVL’s DEJA brand will enable conscientious converters to differentiate and to increase their margin along the supply chain, giving consumers the confidence they need to select sustainable, purposeful products.”