Imabe of America sells single-ram baler to Florida customer

Miami Waste Paper purchases Imabe H240/3000 model baler for paper and plastics.

March 9, 2015
Imabe of America has completed the sale of an H240/3000 single-ram baler to Miami Waste Paper, according to Jesse Nasianceno, sales manager for Imabe of America.

Nasianceno says Florida-based Miami Waste Paper has been operating balers made by a competing manufacturer for six decades.

Miami Waste Paper primarily bales old corrugated containers (OCC), although Nasianceno says the H240/3000 also can effectively bale office paper, old newspapers and plastics, including film. He calculates its OCC baling capacity as being from 35 to 45 tons per hour.

Nasianceno cites several advantages he says are offered by the Imabe H240/3000, including:
  • simplicity;
  • robustness, exemplified by a weight that is 30 percent or greater than many competing models;
  • a quick cycle time;
  • the production of heavy bale weights;
  • low operating costs and low energy consumption;
  • the ability to operate independently with one of its three pumps; and
  • lasting, high-quality performance.
“The H240/3000 has a longer distance from the cutting area to the tying area,” says Nasianceno. “When the hydraulic system is released—after the tying operation, which is normally when it reaches the highest levels of pressure—then the main cylinder continues its cycle through an empty area that is totally free of material. We call this ‘the Imabe stomach.’ Then the tying operation takes place without requiring the high pressure in the system.”

Nasianceno continues, “This feature, with all its consequences in daily operation and maintenance, extends the life of the whole hydraulic system and also saves on energy consumption.”

Imabe of America, also based in Miami, expects the installation to be complete by mid-June 2015.