Getting it clean!

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The U.S.C. Polisher is a remarkable tool that scrap processors across the country are using to clean material streams.

January 2, 2020

Based upon customer requests, U.S.C. began prototyping the Polisher during the last decade, engaging in a great deal of research and development to custom design a unit for the scrap industry. Today numerous units operate across the country.

The versatility of the unit and its ease of use allow scrap dealers to achieve cleaner material than they’d imagined and an exceptionally rapid return on investment.

How it works

U.S. Conveyor’s proprietary design features an expansion chamber where material meets an adjustable air current. The heavy fraction seamlessly drops from the light fraction quickly and cleanly.

The unit is compact and highly efficient, maximizing and controlling airflow. Available in 30-, 60- and 80-inch sizes for a range of throughputs and easy adaptability with existing processing lines.

Quick, easy adjustment

The Polisher is easily adjusted through a single control that varies air velocity. Operators quickly get the feel for settings for specific materials, and many have elected to use it offline as a satellite processing step. It can be batch fed with different materials at different times.

The perfect combination

As with all separation equipment, feeding the polisher properly is essential. Through extensive field testing and production processing, it’s been proven that combining the polisher with a cassette feeder increases the Polisher’s performance.

The unique cassette feeder, offered through U.S. Conveyor’s partnership with Spaleck, combines a vibratory feeder with a flip-flow screen. The cassette feeder pulls dirt and other contamination out before the material enters the Polisher, increasing purity.

Built to last

The Polisher has been designed and fabricated to withstand abrasive, production-level processing. The unit features easily replaceable AR liners to extend wear life. It also features stout and simple construction that can weather the toughest applications.