ConExpo 2020: Geith introduces redesigned quick coupler
The Geith quick coupler for material handler attachments was displayed at ConExpo 2020.
Photo provided by Geith.

ConExpo 2020: Geith introduces redesigned quick coupler

Attachment maker also opens two new American distribution centers.


Atlanta-based Geith, a manufacturer of excavator and material handler attachments, launched its G4 quick coupler at ConExpo 2020 in March in Las Vegas.

“Geith’s design and manufacturing teams produce couplers that work extremely well with excavators,” says Adrian Kelly, sales manager for Geith. “We brought 60 years of experience and expertise to this new coupler, and the result is one of the safest, most productive couplers on the market, with superior durability.”

The G4 includes a variable pin center design created to allow operators to easily pick up and swap a wide range of OEM attachments. Additionally, the coupler can reverse buckets to allow the operator to excavate against walls and under pipes.

Its multi-pin pickup system has been designed to provide easy pickup of attachments with different pin diameters, ideally creating efficiencies when changing attachments. The configuration also allows operators to change attachments without leaving their cabs.

“As always, we’re focused on safety,” says Kelly. “As we design new products, we look for ways Geith attachments can make a jobsite safer. The G4 continues that tradition.”

Geith also has announced the opening of two new American distribution centers, one in Atlanta and the other in Cooperstown, North Dakota. Kelly says the new locations allow for attachments to be customized and shipped quickly, resulting in less downtime for customers.

“This is the way the company originally intended our distribution system to operate,” he comments. “We’re going back to the basics and what has made Geith the premier choice for excavator attachments for the last 60 years.”