European Tyre Recycling Association partners with ASTM to develop global standards

Groups will discuss quality standards for a range of recycled tyre materials at annual conference and in a series of meetings.

October 26, 2015

The Brussels-based European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA)  has announced that it has partnered with global standards organisation ASTM International, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, to present on establishing global tyre recycling standards. The session will be part of ETRA’s annual conference, set for for March 16-18, 2016 in Brussels.

In addition, ASTM has scheduled a range of meetings to discuss the establishment of standards for recycled tyre materials. The meetings are free to attend and open to anyone.

ETRA says the lack of a single standard is one of the biggest barriers to the development of the tyre recycling sector, and that large consumers of rubber materials are faced with specification and quality challenges. The presentation and meetings will discuss standards for a range of recycled tyre materials, from crumbs and powders through to recovered carbon black (rCB), according to ETRA.

ASTM’s schedule includes meetings at three venues:

  • Tampa, Florida, in December 2015
    • Committee D11 and D24 meetings on rubber and carbon black: Dec. 7-9, 2015,
    • Committee D04 on Road Paving and Materials: Dec. 8-10
    • Committee D11 on Rubber: Dec. 7-9
    • Committee D24 on Carbon Black: Dec. 7-9
  • Vienna, Austria in June 2016
    • Committee D24 on Carbon Black: June 13-14
  • Chicago, Illinois,  in June 2016
    • Committee D04 on Road Paving and Materials: June 28-30
    • Committee D11 on Rubber: June 27-29

Membership to ASTM costs $75. All members have input into the establishment of new and modified standards where they have an interest. For even the smallest producer of end-of-life tyre materials, membership to the ASTM allows it to have a voice in the specification decision, a voice equal to that of the largest player in the industry.

For more details on ASTM membership, contact ASTM Staff Manager Joe Koury at 610-832-9804.

ETRA is the organization that represents tyre recyclers in Europe, and its membership has grown around the world as more investors and specialists understand that the route to true recycling lies through higher value materials and higher quality output, ETRA says.

ETRA says membership gives those with a long-term interest in the future of tyre recycling access to expert guidance, research and marketing opportunities, and networking opportunities through ETRA seminars and annual conferences.

To join ETRA visit and click on the “Join ETRA” link.