Eriez goes well beyond testing for its customers

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Eriez’ new Recycling Test Center offers recycling companies the opportunity to conduct in-depth testing and analysis on how to achieve maximum metals recovery.

September 29, 2021

Global demand for high-quality scrap metal has prompted unprecedented levels of research and follow-up investments in metals sorting technology in the 21st century. Global magnetics and separation technology provider Eriez has been at the forefront of the R&D efforts.

The efficiency and environmental benefits of remelting and reusing metal has boosted the number of auto shredding plants, wire and cable processing facilities, e-scrap shredding systems and other sophisticated recycling plants, with many of them already housing equipment made by Eriez.

These current customers as well as prospective customers can benefit from working with Eriez at the company’s Recycling Test Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. “The new test center allows us to provide full testing services to our customers on production size equipment, whether it be a few pounds or tons of product, therefore expanding our capabilities and services to our customers,” says Eriez Director - Heavy Industries Darrell Milton.

Auto shredder operators and others with evolving magnetic separation challenges can work with Eriez remotely from a long distance, but Milton says the Recycling Test Center welcomes in-person collaboration. “We encourage all existing or prospective customers to bring their materials to our new facility to allow them see full-scale testing, experiencing results firsthand,” he notes.

Testing how maximum recovery can be attained from a batch of mixed materials allows customers to see what is new in the Eriez’ arsenal. “It is not only a test center but a showplace for a full range of our product offerings within this market,” Milton says.

Talent also is a critical ingredient to be combined with the technology at the Erie facility. “Eriez has qualified technicians at the test center who have vast experience in many applications, including an already significant number of tests accomplished within not only recycling, but mining and other heavy industry markets,” Milton says.

The number of applications will continue to grow, but Milton says Eriez is ready for any of them. “Many customers are requesting that we recover the finest of micro-fines from their materials, or they are striving to upgrade their zurik to a more salable product, allowing them to increase revenues.”

Whether a new solution involves eddy current separators, including Eriez’ Ultra-High Frequency units or its Stainless Steel Separator line, Milton says the test center provides Eriez with “the ability to educate the customer on the importance not only of metals recovery percentage, but also metal grades percentages that provide the highest return on investment.”

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