EPL plastic tube packaging cleared for recycling in Europe

Company’s HDPE toothpaste and beauty products tube packaging designated recyclable by RecyClas.


Maharashtra, India-based EPL Limited (formerly known as Essel Propack Limited) has had its product line of Platina 220 PRO and Platina 250 PRO high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic packaging tubes approved as acceptable into HDPE recycling streams by Belgium-based recyclability platform RecyClass.

RecyClass says an independent laboratory testing demonstrated that the two EPL Platina product lines  “can be equally recycled in the HDPE recycling stream.” RecyClass says the approval follows those for two other Platina tubes in 2020.

The EPL tube products are “destined mostly for beauty and cosmetics, oral care, [and] food and pharma products.” The tubes are made from a laminated HDPE structure with an HDPE shoulder and were tested unprinted and without a cap, says RecyClass. Both tubes contain an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier of a concentration below 5 percent of the total weight of the packaging, adds the organization.

The Platina PRO 220 and 225 products previously received recognition of recyclability from the United States-based Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) as compatible with colored HDPE recycling, says RecyClass.

“The EPL technologies pose no negative impacts to the rigid HDPE recycling stream when set conditions are fulfilled,” states RecyClass. “These require that the body of the tube and its shoulder are made of clear or white polyethylene (PE) with the prevalence of HDPE, while the EVOH concentration cannot exceed 5 percent of the total weight of the packaging,” according to RecyClass. “Furthermore, the cap must be made of PE and application of decorative technology must be in line with RecyClass’ recommendations.”

Recycled-content plastics made from the HDPE tubes can be used to manufacture blow-molded products such as containers with up to 25 percent recycled content, adds the organization.

EPL Limited describes itself as the world’s largest specialty packaging company specializing in the manufacture of laminated plastic tubes for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and pharmaceutical industries.