Endura-Veyor announces metal scrap handling and conveyor solutions

Endura-Veyor announces metal scrap handling and conveyor solutions

The company says its equipment is ideal for metal fabrication applications.

October 13, 2021

Alpena, Michigan-based Endura-Veyor says its scrap metal handling and conveyance solutions can reduce worker injury and maintenance time, which ultimately boosts process efficiency and uptime.

The lineup of equipment is ideal for metal fabrication applications ranging from steel belt, drag chain, fabric belt, z-style, magnetic conveyors and magnetic separators. In addition to the equipment itself, a full range of options and accessories are available to further customize and create solutions that fit unique applications.

Endura-Veyor’s conveyance solutions have the potential to handle a variety of scrap and other shredded metal materials while also excelling in harsh metal stamping, forming and fabrication environments, the company says. This can be seen on Edura-Veyor’s Steel Belt Conveyors, which are a staple in metal fabrication operations in light of their durability and ability to handle wet or dry scrap material with great efficiency. The Steel Belt Conveyors feature removable bottom pans, side access covers, abrasion-resistant steel reinforcements and more.

The Top Flight Drag Conveyor features chain-driven flights that push a high volume of sharp, loose, bulky and problematic materials. This conveyor is equipped with an abrasion-resistant, hardened steel trough or channel that contains loose materials and is designed to be less susceptible to jams, overloading, maintenance and premature wear.

In environments with space limitations, Z-Conveyors can provide more versatility, according to the company, which says its rugged, modular construction makes the most efficient use of production and processing space and reduces transition points. The Z-Conveyor design features one continuous belt and can be customized and configured to meet specified needs.

Endura-Veyor says when considering conveyor solutions for metal recycling, it is important to also consider magnetic separators and conveyors that are engineered to “attract” materials even under the toughest metal handling conditions. Magnetic Slide Conveyors are also available for applications that require products to be dropped on and then secured from the bottom surface. Alternatively, Overhead Magnets are available to lift products out of a stream of other materials from the top, firmly securing for further handling.

Endura-Veyor’s Magnetic Slide Conveyors are chain-driven and have no external moving parts for added safety, making them suitable for challenging ferrous applications such as machining chips and stamping scraps. Endura-Veyor’s heavy-duty strength magnets are custom fit for each application by optimizing the magnetic circuit and ultimately improving the production.

The Debris Mitigator is an optional feature for many conveyor types the company provides. Fine, shredded materials can cause maintenance problems for conveyors and conveyor belts. This feature provides a way for material that migrates underneath the belt to exit through the frame, so it does not collect and buildup between the belt and the frame. According to Endura-Veyor, the Debris Mitigator provides for a quick visual check of buildup and lowers the need for maintenance of cleaning under the belt and the frame, prolongs the life of the belt and reduces costly downtime.