Domtar mill manager says papermaker committed to Kingsport

Mill manager Troy Wilson writes column for local media outlet, expresses Domtar’s commitment to Tennessee community.

March 22, 2021

In an online item titled “Domtar plans to be a key asset to region for many years to come,” a paper mill manager employed by that South Carolina-based company says the firm has made a deep commitment via its new paper machine installed in Kingsport, Tennessee.

In the 21-paragraph essay posted online by the Kingsport Times News, Domtar mill Manager Troy Wilson thanked the community for welcoming him and his family to Kingsport and also referred to the Dec. 31 death of prior General Manager Marty Barfield as a “devastating blow” to the company.

Domtar announced in August of last year that it is investing between $300 million and $350 million to convert a former coated freesheet printing and writing paper machine line in Kingsport to one that will make 600,000 tons per year of recycled-content linerboard and medium.

“With this venture into the packaging business, we are also reaffirming our commitment to the community and are thankful for your support,” Wilson writes in the Times News article. “The scope of our day-to-day business may be shifting, but our dedication to this region is resolute.”

Providing an update on the project, Wilson writes, “Repurposing the site will be an extensive process. Demolition work began in November, and all major pieces of equipment have now been purchased, preparing the way for eventual construction activities once demolition is complete this spring.”

Once the mill is up and running, says Wilson, “As e-commerce and sustainability trends continue to expand, demand for containerboard material will do the same. With a growth rate of approximately 2 percent annually, containerboard is North America’s largest pulp and paper market.”

Wilson also writes that he was the former manager of a Domtar mill in Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania, and that he is “thankful for the resilience and optimism shown by all those who are helping this project move forward.”

The entire essay by Domtar’s Troy Wilson can be found on this web page.