Investing in relationships and innovation

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A five-generation family business model provides Detroit Edge Tool with a vital connection to the scrap recycling industry, which it serves through continuous investment and innovation.

March 30, 2020

Family scrap recycling companies rightly take pride when the firms they manage reach the third, fourth or even fifth generation of family involvement. Intergenerational commitment to a business brings with it the benefits of deep institutional knowledge and a passion to build and solidify a shared family asset.

Those same qualities are front and center with scrap shear blade supplier Detroit Edge Tool Co., a fifth-generation family business that continues to invest in new capacity and technology to provide made-in-America shear blades to scrap recyclers in North America and beyond.

Detroit Edge Tool Sales Manager Patrick Ebbing, who is part of the fifth generation of the Ebbing family involved in the company, says, “Our sales and management staff has over 100 years of experience in the scrap recycling industry. We’ve been able to see how the blade industry has changed over all those generations, which gives us a leg up on the competition. Also, since family business dominates the scrap recycling industry, we can often relate better with those companies who expect exceptional service.”

"Our heat treating process combined with our proprietary alloy material is trusted and has become industry standard.” – Ray Ebbing

The company manufactures all of its blades in Roseville, Michigan. “We do not buy them from overseas and we stand behind our product 100 percent,” says Company President Ray Ebbing, Patrick’s father. Over the years it has developed metallurgical processes to ensure its blades exceed customer expectations. “Our heat treating process combined with our proprietary alloy material is trusted and has become industry standard for many of the largest OEM’s and end users alike,” adds Ray.

Despite being founded in 1885 (and having been under the stewardship of the Ebbing family since the 1920s), and investing heavily in the shear blade sector since the 1990s, the company is in no way resting on past accomplishments. “We are constantly trying to innovate in order to reduce costs to our customers,” says company vice president John Ebbing, Ray’s brother. “We’ve invested in 10 state-of-the-art new CNC machines and six new surface grinders,” he adds.

Detroit Edge Tool’s long-time relationships are more than a feel-good story—they also provide vital market intelligence. “Our sales staff is in the field every week working closely with the operators and maintenance folks to provide hands on support and answer any questions,” says Ray.

Those conversations help lead to new ideas and commitments to invest in bringing them to life. Says Pete Ebbing, Ray’s father and a board director, “Ownership is committed to continually reinvesting in the business in order stay ahead of competition and be the industry leader in the shear blade business.”

Detroit Edge Tool’s industry connections and commitment have it poised to remain a shear blade market leader in the generations to follow.