Dart Container launches new website

Website is designed to provide polystyrene foam recycling opportunities.

February 18, 2014

The plastics packaging firm Dart Container Corp., Mason, Mich., has launched a new website, www.HomeforFoam.com, which has been designed and built to educate businesses, city governments and schools about how polystyrene foam No. 6 can be recycled. The website provides a list of markets for the material, a list of the environmental and economic benefits to recycling foam and a list of locations that accept foam plastic for recycling purposes.

Dart Container adds that city governments and businesses can download sample press releases, social media posts and other features to promote their foam recycling programs. The website also provides educators with free recycling lesson plan ideas, intercom announcements as well as other informational tools.
Foam recyclers can find markets through the company’s website by connecting with brokers and reclaimers who resell or use the material to manufacture new products such as picture frames and crown molding.

“Dart has been recycling postconsumer foam cups, containers and packaging since 1990, and we are excited to share some of our knowledge by assembling a website dedicated to advancing foam recycling,” says Michael Westerfield, corporate director of recycling programs at Dart. “This site is a one-stop shop for those wishing to learn how to implement their own program.”

Dart says HomeforFoam.com aims to promote the growth of all foam No. 6 recycling, including medical coolers, egg cartons, ice chests foam used to package electronics as well as other products.