CRT Recycling Receives Project Approval

Company plans to convert nonleaded cathode ray tube panel glass to construction material.

January 22, 2013

CRT Recycling Inc., located in Brockton, Mass., has received approval from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for “Beneficial Use Determination Activity,” which the company says is tantamount to approval of a project that will recycle non-leaded TV cathode ray tube (CRT) panels to a new product.

According to a release, the non-leaded CRT panels will be screened multiple times to assure the absence of lead, sorted, crushed, separated by particle size and ultimately used as a secondary material substitute for sand or stone aggregate. The material will then be used as a material to make cement.

CRT Recycling says that having received approval from the DEP, plans are now underway to begin the project. “We’ve been working on this project for more than two years, and are pleased that it has been thoroughly vetted and approved, says Peter Kopcych, president and CEO of CRT Recycling. “With this phase completed, we’re already preparing for the manufacturing process to begin.”

The company notes that replacing sand or stone aggregate with the recycled CRT panels reduces the need for using stabilizing additives to limit the expansion of concrete. Consequently, the amount of cement needed for a project can also be reduced by including as much as 20 percent of the crushed secondary material into the mixture.

Kopcych adds that in the DEP’s approval document, “The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection believes that improved waste management procedures and market development may facilitate higher uses for materials, and encourages CRTR to continuously evaluate its process to identify alternatives.”