Corona swaps sales for plastic scrap during World Oceans Week

Corona swaps sales for plastic scrap during World Oceans Week

Corona places recycling machines in key retailers, bars in several countries.

Corona is accepting plastic collected in cities and on the coast as payment for beer during the week of World Oceans Day as a way to protect paradise from marine plastic pollution. Hundreds of locations around the world are involved in the initiative, which include recycling machines, or reverse vending machines, in key retailers and popular bars in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Colombia that will collect used beverage containers (UBCs).

Adrianna Lauricella, senior director of lifestyle at Alison Brod Marketing and Communications, says the plastic collected in the machines can be from anywhere. “The intention is to intercept as much plastic as possible before it reaches the beach,” she says. “The mechanics vary by country. In the countries where we are using recycling machines, they take plastic bottles and the coupon supplied can be exchanged for a Corona at many bars and retailers. Parley for the Oceans is working with local partners to ensure the plastic is handled properly.”

Corona and Parley for the Oceans partnered on this initiative. The two groups, who have been working together since 2017, are also encouraging participants to avoid plastic altogether with educational messaging at the recycling machines. “Signage at the drop sites educates and encourages to avoid plastic altogether,” Lauricella says.

The “Pay With Plastic” program kicks off a full summer campaign from Corona and Parley dedicated to the cause, featuring new product packaging that gives even more consumers a way to be part of the solution. For every limited-edition pack purchased, Corona and Parley commit to cleaning one square meter of local beach. In total, nine countries are rolling out the limited-edition packaging between June and August, including Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Brazil. Already, Corona and Parley have worked with 25,000 volunteers to complete 537 cleanups in more than 23 countries, cleaning more than 3 million square meters of beach in the process. The goal this summer is to clean another 2 million square meters.

“When we first started working with Parley, our ambition was to raise awareness of the issue by shining a light on how plastic pollution is threatening even the most remote paradises,” says Corona Brand Director Evan Ellman. “Our consumers asked us how they could get involved, so this summer we’re bringing Corona x Parley to their beaches and giving them a variety of ways to be part of a global movement. Everything from attending a cleanup to buying the product itself. It all helps protect paradise.”