Recycling dollars

Closed Loop Partners report analyzes drivers of circularity in North America

The organization’s Center for the Circular Economy reports on four key drivers for the circular economy in North America.

September 28, 2020

The Center for the Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners, New York, has released a report on several key drivers for the circular economy in North America. The report, titled “The Circular Shift: Four Key Drivers of Circularity in North America,” highlights trends driving circularity in the region. The four drivers include business investment, innovation development, policy changes and institutional partnerships.

According to the new report, supply chain disruptions, growing amounts of waste and health and safety risks are calling to attention some of the flaws of the circular economy in North America. The report states that the circular economy in North America is in the midst of change, and more investments are being made into the circular economy.

“Against the backdrop of this year’s NYC Climate Week, the link between the circular economy—the reduction of both extraction of raw materials and of waste—and the consequences of climate change have never been stronger or more apparent,” Closed Loop Partners says regarding its new report. “The circular economy is not a singular solution nor a short-term fix. To achieve circularity goals, such as decarbonization and dematerialization, change must be sweeping and collaboration must be far reaching. Much like environmental solutions must include every stakeholder in the path forward, so must the circular economy.”

“The clock is ticking on our current linear economic system, and the circular economy offers a path forward: a robust framework that aligns the interests of shareholders, corporations, local communities and the environment,” writes Kate Daly, managing director of the Center for the Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners, in the foreword for the report. She adds, “At Closed Loop Partners, we seek to build on this knowledge and draw on our experience as researchers, operators and investors in the circular economy to delve into the Four Key Drivers of the Circular Economy in North America, exploring how innovation, investment, policy and above all partnership act as key enablers of the new economic model.”

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