Bunting names UK sales manager
Alan Why

Bunting names UK sales manager

Alan Why has been promoted to oversee the company’s external sales.

January 7, 2020

Bunting, with corporate headquarters in Newton, Kansas, has promoted Alan Why to the position of U.K. sales manager. He will oversee all external sales activity for the company for products that include magnets, magnetic separators and metal detectors.

Why has developed magnet-related business for Bunting, which has European manufacturing facilities in Redditch and Berkhamsted in the United Kingdom, over a seven-year period, the company says. 

Bunting is a leading designer and manufacturer of magnetic separators, metal detectors, magnets, magnetic assemblies and magnetizing equipment. 

Since joining Bunting in 2013, Why has grown business for magnet-related products in the automotive, mechanical and electrical industries, according to the company.

Why’s engineering career began as a radio-frequency (RF) electronics design engineer and evolved into the role of sales and marketing director of a small electronics company serving the defense electronics market. 

As the U.K. sales manager, his responsibilities cover an expanded industrial and geographical area. As well as continuing to support customers with magnet-related requirements, Why also will work on projects in the recycling, quarrying and process industries.

“This is a very exciting opportunity,” Why says. “The Bunting brand has never been stronger in the U.K., and I am looking forward to coordinating the strategy and implementing the plans to further expand our customer base.”

“Alan is a well-respected and experienced member of our sales team and has the vision to take us forward,” says Simon Ayling, Bunting European Managing Director. “We believe that having a strong external sales team is important. Alan has the necessary experience and skills to further develop that sales team.”