Braven Environmental to supply feedstock to Chevron Phillips Chemical

The chemical recycling firm is supplying its Braven PyChem to the large olefin and polyolefin producer.


Braven Environmental, a Yonkers, New York-based company that derives fuel from plastic, has entered into a long-term agreement with Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem) to supply its pyrolysis-derived feedstock, Braven PyChem. By deploying its patented pyrolysis-based technology, Braven converts mixed plastics into Braven PyChem, a feedstock and input for the production of new plastics and as a replacement to traditional fuel products.

According to a news release from Braven, the company’s proprietary pyrolysis process, which has undergone more than 10 years of testing and development, can break down mixed, difficult-to-recycle plastic scrap into a substance the company calls Braven PyChem. The output can be used to manufacture new plastics.

“We are excited to work with CPChem and play a role in their industry-leading sustainability efforts,” says Nicholas Canosa, president and CEO of Braven Environmental. “Braven’s pyrolysis process and PyChem product offer an alternative to traditional waste plastics management and establishes a true circular economy for hard-to-recycle plastics by creating the building blocks for the creation of new plastics. Our PyChem feedstocks help environmentally conscious companies like CPChem achieve its circularity goals, and we are excited to work hand in hand with CPChem as we continue to build more facilities.”

According to Braven, CPChem has started to receive Braven PyChem from Braven’s first commercial-scale site in North Carolina, which began operations last year. Braven plans to break ground on its second location in Virginia later this year, which will serve as an additional Braven PyChem supply source for CPChem. Braven invested $31.7 million in its Virginia plant. Additional sites are expected to be announced in the near-term future.