dustboss 60 surge
Mike Lewis of BossTek cites customer feedback regarding “challenges in suppressing dust during demolition of high-rise structures” as one inspiration for the new model.
Photo courtesy of BossTek and FelCom LLC.

DustBoss Surge designed for unfavorable weather

Dust suppression technology provider BossTek says new model can work in multiple wind conditions.

BossTek, headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, says its new DustBoss DB-60 Surge model has been developed in response to the needs of customers in areas with variable winds.

The company describes the DB-60 Surge atomized mist machine as “a powerful cannon that is designed to fight dust with maximum efficiency” using water propelled at high velocity from a center nozzle “combined with the industry-proven fan and misting ring system.”

“Our customers operate in very different circumstances; some with high-reach excavators, some in open areas without natural barriers, while others are located in narrow corridors where wind velocity is amplified,” says BossTek dust control specialist Mike Lewis. “What these customers have in common is the difficulty in controlling fine atomized mist during blustery conditions. So, we worked with our industry partners, listened to their feedback and engineered our most versatile and innovative machine to date.”

Lewis says one of the initial drivers behind the new design was a need in the demolition industry. “Several customers described their challenges in suppressing dust during demolition of high-rise structures,” he says. “Some of them use attachments that can be mounted on a high-lift boom, but that can bring its own complications. When we started working on a solution, we realized this technology would also deliver benefits to a wide range of applications in which variable wind conditions can be a problem, such as port facilities, material processing operations and large outdoor storage facilities.”

The pressurized spray resists wind shear and even uses the force of the wind to further fragment and carry the droplets, enhancing its dust suppression capabilities, the machinery maker says. The outcome is achieved without the need for the high-volume water output that can be associated with a hydrant-dependent hose or industrial sprinkler system, the firm adds.

The DB-60 Surge offers three remote-controlled stages and what BossTek calls “precision oscillation for optimum command over water volume and coverage area.” The device uses “high-powered jets that surge through the wind” for more than 250 feet (76.2 meters) to “suppress both surface and airborne dust,” BossTek says.

The first stage of the three-stage system, adjusted by a hand-held remote, is “highly effective on moderate days for airborne and surface coverage,” BossTek says. For windy days, Stage 2 features a pressurized stream delivered by the central nozzle. On high wind days, operators can use the fan, misting ring and center nozzle for maximum coverage as Stage 3.

BossTek describes the DB-60 Surge as mounted on a heavy-duty roadworthy trailer for towing at highway speeds with a standard ball hitch, so it can be placed by a pickup truck, skid steer or lift truck.

“After the initial setup, the DB-60 Surge requires no labor to operate,” the company says. The remote control has a 1,000-foot (305-meter) range, so operators of high-reach excavators or front loaders can send commands the machine without leaving their cabs.

“DustBoss is known for its rugged quality and long equipment life, often described as one of the most reliable and low-maintenance pieces of equipment on any job site,” Lewis says. “Our three-year or 3,000-hour warranty is evidence of our confidence in the products. The DB-60 Surge is designed with that same philosophy and is built to last.”