Binova Group targets waste bin odors

Tennessee-based company says its ZEROdor unit can be mounted on commercial waste and recycling bins.

August 20, 2021

Knoxville, Tennessee-based Binova Group has started to sell its ZEROdor Odor Dispersion unit, which it calls “the first-ever gravity-powered odor control unit” for the solid waste collection sector.

According to Binova, the ZEROdor unit mounts or welds into the sidewall of front- or rear-load waste and recycling containers, and holds within it ZEROdor granules. The company calls those “odor control pellets [that] are automatically dispersed during dumping.”

“We’ve had requests for years to help solve the serious odor problems so common in solid waste,” says Tyler Smith, Binova’s director of product innovation. “The ZEROdor unit does just that and requires no power source to disperse an even spread of ZEROdor granules into almost any steel dumpster. Just load and go.”

Binova describes ZerOdor granules as small pellets made from a dry-clay base that eliminate bad odors and absorb bacteria-friendly moisture.

Sean Bowyer, Binova’s CEO, says the product has been of interest to some of the largest players in the solid waste sector.  “ZerOdor dispensers work by harnessing the dumping action already taking place when the waste container is emptied,” he adds. “Once the container is inverted, the lower chamber of the dispersion unit is filled, and as the dumpster is turned upright again, a measured amount of ZEROdor granules are spread across the bottom of the container.”

A typical unit has to be filled 3 or 4 times per year, says the company. ZEROdor Dispersion Units are built in the United States “using heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, and [are] powder-coated for many years of use in the elements,” adds Binova Group.

The company says the ZerODOR has a weather-tight lid to keep moisture out, and its chamber holds up to 20 pounds of ZEROdor granules. The device also carries “a full two-year warranty,” says Binova Group.

Binova Group also makes and markets the EnviroBIN Subsurface Waste Container System, the BinPAK Compactor, the EnviroSCREEN Dumpster Enclosure and PitBUL Automatic Bar Locks.