BPS offers metering batch feeders

BPS offers metering batch feeders

Units are designed to evenly distribute materials.

February 18, 2019

Metering Batch Feeders from Best Process Solutions (BPS), Brunswick, Ohio, are suitable for applications where materials need to evenly distribution as they are conveyed.

Materials are placed in a feeder with 5-to-20-cubic-yard capacity and then evenly distributed on the conveyor. Variable speed control allows for consistent flow of material to meet the user’s bulk processing and conveying requirements.

The metering batch feeders can convey auto shredder residue (ASR) and nonferrous metals at a rate of 45 tons per hour at 50 percent downslope. The loading hopper features a 16-cubic-yard capacity and includes a 44.5-inch hexagon rotating drum that assists in leveling, anti-bridging and metering of material in the feeder pan, the company says. The drive consists of dual rotary electric vibratory motors.

BPS says it manufactures a complete line of custom-engineered, bulk-processing equipment and systems.