ARN to research auto recycling

Dutch organization to see if ambitious recycling goals can be met.

January 6, 2015

The Dutch organization ARN has announced that to meet the goal of a 95 percent recycling target for automobiles, the agency will organize three shredder tests in 2015. For the demonstration project a total of 400 end-of-life vehicles will needed for each test.

According to ARN, the vehicles will be selected on the basis of age and weight in order to demonstrate that the country will be able to achieve the new recycling target of at least 95 percent, divided into at least 85 percent reuse and 10 percent useful application.

In addition, the car dismantling companies affiliated with ARN have halted dismantling glass and large plastic parts. Each vehicle will be checked for items such as bumpers, glass and chairs.

ARN notes that on the basis of the current legislation, importers are responsible for recycling the end-of-life vehicles. The government has imposed a duty of information according to which car importers are required to demonstrate that they comply with all the requirements in this area.