Aqua Metals president also becomes the company’s CEO

The company's president joins its board of directors as well.

January 10, 2019
Edited by DeAnne Toto

Aqua Metals Inc., the McCarren, Nevada-based company that is commercializing its proprietary AquaRefining electrochemical lead recycling technology, has announced that its President Steve Cotton has been promoted to the additional role of chief executive officer, replacing Stephen Clarke, who had also served as chairman. Additionally, Cotton was named to the company’s board of directors as its seventh director, with unanimous support from the current board and leadership team.

“The Aqua Metals board of directors would like to thank Steve Cotton for his leadership over the past several months,” says S. Shariq Yosufzai, chairman of the board. “Steve’s drive, integrity and strong leadership has transformed the company and has set a foundation for success in 2019. Steve has built an entirely new management team and strengthened existing partnerships while seeking new partnerships and building on relationships with investors, analysts and the industry as a whole. He has overseen meaningful progress at the plant, culminating in JCI’s vendor certification, which enables AquaRefined lead ingots to ship directly to JCI battery manufacturing. Steve has instilled a can-do culture, laser focused on completing projects to improve contribution margin and scaling the AquaRefinery. The entire board supports Steve’s leadership in his strengthened role in 2019.”

“I am honored to continue to lead the Aqua Metals team as we pursue our unique opportunity to transform the way the energy storage industry recycles and makes batteries into a more sustainable part of the emerging circular economy,” Cotton says.  “As we continue to build Aqua Metals’ enterprise value through execution, I am humbled by the support of the board, our management team, investors and partners and am confident that the company’s best days are ahead.”

Cotton has served as president of Aqua Metals since returning to the company in May 2018. He was an early investor and served as chief commercial officer from January 2015 until June 2017 and was primarily responsible for developing the Aqua Metals brand and strategic partnerships. Prior to joining Aqua Metals, Cotton built DPMC-IntelliBatt (now Canara) from a garage operation in 2002 to a global provider of intelligent battery systems inclusive of patented monitoring technologies and services before selling the company in 2012 to a private equity firm.