Andax unveils transformer transport cover
Andax Industries says its shipping cover can help companies handling electrical transformers meet compliance standards.
Photo provided by Andax Industries.

Andax unveils transformer transport cover

Kansas firm says tarp-like product designed to make transformer scrapping safer.

January 19, 2021

St. Marys, Kansas-based Andax Industries says its new Transformer Containment Pallet (TCP) has been designed as a packaging and shipping solution for Packing Group III solid hazardous waste materials. That group, per United Nations specifications, includes hazardous substances “presenting low danger,” including electrical utility transformers that contain polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB).

Andax says its TCP meets United Nations and Department of Transportation 51H specifications, and the patented product has been designed with designed with an integrated pallet bonded to a flexible, liquid-tight containment system.

“This DOT and OSHA compliant packaging solution is approved for use with inner containers or articles, such as electric utility transformers,” states Andax, adding that the Packaging Group III rating helps users comply with United States Environmental Protection Agency regulation 40 CFR § 761.65(c)(6) “when transporting or storing PCB contaminated transformers or articles.”  

 The TCP is constructed of what the company calls heavy-duty, puncture-resistant material with an absorbent inner core. Engineered with four interior anchor points on the pallet and two 10,000-pound ratchet straps to secure the load, the flexible containment system creates a liquid-tight enclosure, says Andax.

A TCP with its wrapped cargo can then be safely lifted, moved or stored using the integrated pallet, states the firm. Andax says there are two TCP sizes available, and the units are only available through Andax Industries authorized distributors.