AMCS updates software platform for waste, recycling industry

The AMCS Platform 8.3 release offers a new reporting and analytics work center as well as a redesigned contract management, pricing engine.


AMCS, Limerick, Ireland, has made an update to its AMCS Platform software for the waste and recycling industry. 

According to a news release from AMCS Group, this marks the second upgrade to the platform so far this year. In February, the AMCS Platform 8.2’s launch focused on companies gaining efficiencies. The company’s latest AMCS Platform 8.3 release is designed to make companies work quicker with more automation and enhanced integration capabilities.

The AMCS Platform 8.3 includes a few updated features, including:

  • a new reporting and analytics work center;
  • a process optimized and redesigned contract management and pricing engine; and
  • a transformed materials management work center with redesigned and optimized inventory management, production shifts and material sales capabilities.

In addition, the new REST API feature in the AMCS Platform provides businesses with secure and reliable integration services of processes and data between on-premise, cloud applications and third-party applications with the AMCS Platform. 

“AMCS Platform guarantees waste, recycling and resource companies a strong foothold to proactively anticipate future development,” says Elaine Treacy, global product director at AMCS. “With the integrated solutions, AMCS Platform is contributing to the key value drivers of our customers and the industry, which are around increasing revenue growth, margin expansion, operational efficiency and sustainability, while at the same time reducing costs.

“For instance, brand new in the AMCS Platform 8.3 are the self-service reporting capabilities, the AMCS Datamart and AMCS Platform Connectivity, providing greater insight into businesses as well as delivering connectivity and integrations based on industry standards,” she says. “The new release demonstrates that the platform is built for change and innovation to increase the competitive edge of waste and recycling companies.”

AMCS says the industry-specific AMCS Platform offers a fully integrated and software-as-a-service-based end-to-end solutions to manage the waste and recycling life cycle of all lines of operations, including municipalities, commercial and industry waste, construction & demolition and recycling commodities.