AMCS CO Jimmy Martin
AMCS CEO Jimmy Martin
Photo courtesy of AMCS

AMCS announces acquisition

The company says its purchase of Quentic will enhance its environmental software offering.


AMCS, a supplier of integrated cloud-based software and vehicle technology for the environmental, utilities, waste, recycling and resource industries, says it has entered into an agreement to acquire Quentic, a leading provider of software as a service for environment, health, safety and quality and environmental, social and governance management. AMCS, which is headquartered in Limerick, Ireland, has not disclosed the amount of the transaction, which it says is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close in the coming weeks.

AMCS says the purchase will broaden its expertise in the environmental services industry globally and enable the company to continue to expand its customer base. With a combined 4,000 customers supported by more than 1,000 employees, AMCS is on a trajectory to achieve run rate revenues greater than 180 million euros by the end of the year, the company says in the news release announcing the transaction.

AMCS has offices in North America, Europe and Australia and employs more than 800 people across 12 countries. AMCS is a global leader of integrated software and vehicle technology for the environmental, recycling and resource industries and offers optimization solutions to the broader transport and logistics market.

The Quentic platform comprises 10 individually combinable modules and offers a way for companies to manage health and safety, risks and audits, incidents and observations, hazardous chemicals, control of work, legal compliance, online instructions, processes, environmental management and sustainability.

The company employs more than 250 people and has branch offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy.

Together, AMCS and Quentic are now positioned to provide more advanced digital solutions to a wider industry, which will enrich their customers’ operations and impact the environment for a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable world, AMCS says. The integration of AMCS and Quentic enables customers on both sides to benefit from a wide range of solutions that support end-to-end standardization and optimization of business processes to increase efficiencies, streamline operations and work toward a safe and sustainable future.

“AMCS and Quentic are very aligned with the mission to drive an environmentally sustainable future,” says Jimmy Martin, CEO of AMCS. “A net-zero carbon future depends on a very connected and circular approach across the supply chain. We are thrilled to bring the technology from Quentic into the AMCS portfolio of solutions and can now move forward with a focus on influencing the entire supply chain, offering smarter outcomes from automating and digitizing their businesses—reducing waste as much as possible.”

Quentic CEO Markus Becker, Chief Operations Officer Sebastian Mönnich and Chief Technology Officer Hardy Menzel founded the company as EcoIntense in 2007 to provide software for environmental management. Today, Quentic provides what AMCS describes as “a holistic and modular software as a service solution to manage all tasks and processes related to environmental, health, safety and quality management, as well as corporate responsibility-related areas in environment, social and governance.”

“We have built Quentic on the values of making a meaningful contribution to people, society and the environment,” Markus Becker, CEO of Quentic, says. “Therefore, we are excited to have found a partner in AMCS who fully aligns with our mission to digitally empower companies across the globe to manage people, business and environmental processes sustainably at all levels. Together with AMCS, the Quentic management team will continue to shape the future.”

In connection with the company’s purchase of Berlin-based Quentic, Clearlake Capital Group LP, Santa Monica, California, is making a new equity investment in AMCS alongside new equity investments from existing investors Insight Partners, Ireland Strategic Investment Fund and Highland Europe.