South American Company Purchases System from The Shredder Company

Adelca says it hopes to have shredder installed by the third quarter of this year.


Scott Newell, chairman of The Shredder Company LLC, El Paso, Tex., announces that Aceria Del Ecuador C.A. (Adelca), Quito, Ecuador, has purchased a TSC 80 SXS shredding plant to process 180,000 tons per year of locally generated scrap.

Adelca operates an electric furnace steel mill producing long products in Ecuador. The company specializes in producing high quality steel wire as well as reinforcing bar (rebar).

According to an announcement by The Shredder Company, Adelca personnel say the investment of the shredder is a part of the company’s strategy of improving the productivity and efficiency of their present steelmaking equipment.

Adelca says that the purchase of the shredder is part of a constant improvement, and the use of high quality shredded steel scrap will allow shorter turn times for heats from the electric furnaces. The shredder also will provide better chemistry and consistency in the steel quality produced.

The plant installation and startup is expected to be completed before this September.

“We are very proud to have been selected as the suppliers of this plant after the Adelca personnel did a worldwide search for the best equipment. We look forward to working with this skilled group to help them accomplish their goals,” says Newell.