Aaron Industries installs melt filter to process postconsumer PP

Aaron Industries installs melt filter to process postconsumer PP

FIMIC has partnered with Zimmer America Recycling Solutions to increase output and efficiency with new filter.

July 5, 2018
Carrie George
Equipment & Products

Carmignano di Brenta, Italy-based FIMIC, in partnership with Spartanburg, South Carolina-based Zimmer America Recycling Solutions, a division of ZARS-USA LLC, has recently installed a new RAS500 melt filter to process postconsumer polypropylene (PP) at Aaron Industries in Leominster, Massachusetts.

FIMIC says the filter was installed in April and is capable of processing 2000 pounds per hour of PP on a Davis-Standard extruder using a 35-mesh punched screen. The installation process went very smoothly, the company reports, with the machine fully installed within a day.

According to FIMIC, the melt filter ensures quality output and production efficiency. With the possibility of supplying punched and laser screens, the company’s continuous and self-cleaning RAS and  ERA filter systems are efficient and economical systems for removing paper, cardboard, aluminum, metal, rubber, wood and other contaminants from postindustrial and postconsumer materials, such as PP, high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

The FIMIC melt filter can filter many types of contaminants without the need for pre-filtering or the use of a “police filter,” the company says. In some cases, it even eliminates the need for a wash process while still maintaining high output rates.

FIMIC also says it’s introducing new models to the North American market to explore different applications, like the new ERA filter, which provides fine filtration for highly contaminated plastic and is especially suited for blown film, high-quality sheet and similar applications using recycled plastic that require a clean melt.

The new FIMIC ERA filter system consists of two filters, two melt chambers and two discharge points. The fist chamber uses a punch screen to filter large contaminants, while the second chamber uses the laser-drilled filter to capture smaller contaminants.

FIMIC has specialized in the production of automatic self-cleaning melt filters for heavily contaminated plastic materials for more than 20 years and now continues to expand into the U.S. market to demonstrate its capabilities.             

Zimmer America Recycling Solutions is the exclusive sales and service representative for FIMIC in North America. The company says it has a fully stocked warehouse with all essential spare parts to keep customers’ operations running smoothly.