5 questions about recycled fiber products

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The Cascade PRO line features recycled fiber paper products.

July 2, 2021

Isabelle Gendron, Product Manager, Cascades PRO

1. Should I choose a recycled bath tissue or paper towel over its virgin equivalent?

There are benefits to recycled paper and virgin tissue, but from a sustainability perspective recycled paper is the clear winner. By prioritizing recycled tissue paper, individuals and businesses can help reduce the overall pressure on forests and other natural resources. For those suspicious of the performance and softness of recycled paper products, many companies, Cascades PRO included, offer recycled paper products that perform similarly to virgin products.

2. How important is it for businesses to consider making a switch to recycled fiber paper products?

Sustainability is here to stay. All businesses are looking for ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices in their organizations. While it may seem like a small step, switching to recycled fiber paper products throughout their buildings and facilities can have an impact.

3. Can you explain Cascades PRO’s recycled fiber paper products?

The Latte Collection is a prime example of recycled paper products that are as soft as equivalent white paper products. The Latte Collection includes facial tissue, toilet paper and paper towels composed of 100 percent recycled fiber—80 percent white recycled paper and 20 percent brown fibers from cardboard. Each product in this collection has been sourced in an environmentally friendly manner; a large portion of our recycled fibers come from material recovery facilities and other suppliers located close to our operations whose environmental and social practices have been assessed.

4. What role do third-party certifications play in recycled fiber paper products?

Third-party certifications are a stamp of quality and integrity. Any company can boast about the sustainability of their products, but to have an independent organization back those statements up is completely different. We take third-party certifications very seriously and want to ensure that our products meet the highest environmental standards in the industry. All Latte products are third-party certified by UL-Ecologo and Green Seal. We also work with Green-e to certify that the electricity used in our manufacturing process is offset with renewable energy.

5. Looking ahead, what does the future of recycled paper look like at Cascades?

We recently launched our Sustainability Action Plan for 2021-2025 that outlines our environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, including our work in the responsible procurement of fiber. By 2025, one of our goals is to have 100 percent of the fiber and paper we use be recycled or certified. We also plan to work with our supply chain to promote strong environmental and social practices, ensuring at least 70 percent of purchases are made from suppliers deemed responsible. We have committed our suppliers to a comprehensive evaluation of their business practices since 2012, and we look forward to building that program in the coming years.