5 questions about hosting your scrap software in the cloud

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Shon Duty of Scrapright addresses questions on cloud-based hosting of software for the scrap recycling industry.

May 16, 2018

Shon & Tammy Duty
Scrapright President

1. What is cloud software?

Cloud hosting basically boils down to when a software application is hosted on and run from the provider’s cloud infrastructure, and users gain access to it through a thin client interface, such as a browser or program interface. Subscribers typically pay a monthly fee to continue using the software as a service (SaaS.)

2. How can cloud hosting reduce my overall costs?

Since the consumer doesn’t have to invest in and manage servers, operating systems and storage, the initial cost barrier as well as ongoing costs, such as paying for IT personnel, are greatly reduced.

3. How fast can I be up and running?

Subscribers can sign up, set up and be running compliant tickets in less than an hour. Of course this depends on the product selected, the ambitiousness and ability of the user and the complexity of the yard.

4. What happens if my internet goes down when using cloud hosting?

Many cloud-based software applications go down whenever the internet goes out, causing their users to go back to doing paper tickets. However, if the software company has done things right, there will be an off-line solution, such as a transactional app that stores ticketing data on the device’s local database. Once an internet connection is restored, that data will be synced to their account as if there was never a connection issue.

5. What should recyclers look for in a cloud hosted product/company?

Choose a company with an offline solution. As we all know, even the best internet providers sometimes have intermittent service! The right company will offer options that meet your specific needs, whether that’s a cloud option, an enterprise-level hosting data center with a secure fire wall or a traditional installation on your locally hosted server. Also, excellent phone-based customer support is an absolute must.