21st Century Programming--ROM: The Recycler's Best Friend

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March 28, 2006

There is nothing easy about the recycling business. Managers have to understand the complexities involved with every aspect of their business—from purchasing, scaling, processing, inventory control, sales and ultimately shipping out loads—all quickly and efficiently.

Without an integrated software system, managing all of that data is not only time consuming and costly, but almost impossible. That is where ROM comes into the picture. A comprehensive package, ROM seamlessly ties almost every aspect of a recycler’s business together, providing a true single entry system.

ROM has proven to be an ideal program for one- and two-site recycling operations, whether they handle scrap metals, paper, plastic or multiple materials. Its flexibility is proven across almost all industries and is capable of handling almost any scenario encountered by small to mid-size operations. Its many features allow recyclers to improve their operations in a number of areas:

Scale Systems

Inventory Control

Payments and Receivables

Dispatch and Bin Tracking

Public Scale Buying

Shipping and Order Management

Many people think that their employees are not smart enough to use a computer. However, with its programmers having years of experience in recycling, ROM was designed specifically for these users. By using a touch screen interface with integrated scales and cameras, anyone can use ROM.

ROM’s bar coding capabilities are a big part of what allows the software to sensibly tie together operations from the scale house to the shipping dock—and everything in between.

Bar codes are used for more then just inventory management, including public customer cards, inbound inspection stubs and even ATM Payments.

ROM also has specialty systems designed for specific niches within the business:

Elemental-level alloy systems

Overseas paperwork for LC and China-based business transactions

Bookings and overseas container tracking

Material recovery facilities.

In less than a decade, ROM from 21st Century Programming has established itself as the premier software solution for recycling facilities seeking to upgrade the efficiency of their operations to compete in the active and growing global market.