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March 28, 2006

Just as ROM has been developed to maximize efficiency at smaller recycling companies, 21st Century Programming now offers ROM Enterprise to bring a higher level of efficiency to multiple-location scrap and recycling firms.

ROM Enterprise includes all of the functionality of ROM, but has more. It helps operators control multiple locations from one office by delivering an advanced management system that handles many of the complexities these operators encounter:

• Centralized payables for material received at all plants.

• Centralized accounts receivable for material shipped from all plants, with segregated and combined AR reporting functionality.

• Centralized Order Management allows for assigning shipping weights to individual plants and monitors how much each plant has shipped against each order.

• Material transfers between plants with multiple costing options.

• Enterprise-level reporting for inventory, purchasing, sales, etc., showing one, two or all plants combined.

• Inventory processing capable of handling a car shredder at one yard, nonferrous baling at another, alloy sorting at another, or any other combination of plant capabilities and equipment.

Everything about ROM Enterprise is centralized. From the main office, customers’ activity across all plants can easily be viewed. Inventory items can be quickly administered, prices quickly changed and user permissions modified across the entire enterprise.

Utilizing the latest technologies, ROM Enterprise’s distributed database system uniquely allows all plants to share their data, while eliminating the dependence on unreliable Internet connections. Gone are the days where a problem at the central or corporate headquarters brings all operations to a grinding halt. ROM Enterprise’s unique architecture handles when the Internet connection goes down, allowing the remote plants to still operate. Then once the connections are back up, all of the data is synchronized seamlessly behind the scenes.

Even though everything is centralized, ROM Enterprise still offers tremendous flexibility and power. Each plant can utilize different costing structures. Automatic Inventory Control systems can be set up for each plant’s unique processing areas and physical layout. At one plant, you might consider ROM Enterprise a ferrous system, and at another it would look like a nonferrous system. In reality, it is both, and it is more—a total operations management system.