The next-generation wire tier

July 1, 2021

The Accent R400 Wire Tier is next-generation rotary tier technology designed for recycling and waste facilities. It is engineered to be installed or retrofitted on two-ram balers.

Key customer benefits of our new wire tier include:

  • High-efficiency four-twist knot: The Accent R400 knotter performs one-directional four-twist rotary knotting sequence enabling operators to utilize a less costly, finer gauge baling wire without sacrificing safe operation and transport
  • Lower operating costs: Engineered for less maintenance, with fewer moving parts and time saving quick-change patented removable parts cartridge
  • Compact design: Designed with a smaller footprint to accommodate different baler design obstacles for tier placement

The Accent R400 wire tier offers a number of benefits for operators of two-ram balers.