Maps & Lists - Various recycling operations and consumers of recyclables

Check out the Recycling Today Media Group's maps and lists of various recycling operations by market segment and consumers of recyclables:

North America's largest nonferrous scrap processors (published April 2021)

Lists ranking the largest nonferrous processes operating auto shredders and those that do not based on pounds processed in 2020.


North America's EAF and BOF steel mills (published January 2021)

Lists and maps of steelmakers with electric arc furnaces and blast furnaces.


North American Auto Shredder Installations (published October 2020)

Lists and maps of the metal shredding locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Largest Ferrous Scrap Processors List (published April 2020)

The largest ferrous scrap processors in North America based on gross tons handled in 2019.


Wire Chopper Locations in North America (published October 2019)

North America's wire chopping operations listed by state and province.


Largest MRFs in North America (published September 2019)

The largest material recovery facilities in North America as ranked by the tonnage of recyclables shipped in 2018.


20 Largest Scrap Paper Consumers List (published December 2018)

The 20 largest consumers of scrap paper in North American ranked by the volume of recovered fiber consumed in 2017.


Secondary Aluminum Producers in North America (published January 2018)

A list and map of North America's secondary aluminum producers.

From our sister publications:

North America's largest waste haulers (published August 2020)

Our sister publication Waste Today has compiled a list of the largest waste haulers in North America.


Largest US demolition contractors (published November/December 2018)

Construction & Demolition Recycling has compiled a list of the largest demolition contractors in the U.S. as ranked by demolition revenue for 2017.