Recycling industry directories of scrap metal recyclers, paper stock dealers, target market intelligence.

As the industry’s largest directory publisher, the Recycling Today Media Group can help industry suppliers and those sourcing or trading materials promote their business year round.

Paper Recycling Markets Directory

Published annually for more than 40 years, this invaluable resource is referenced by industry managers time and again throughout the year. It offers tremendous advertising efficiency for industry suppliers, consuming mills and paper stock dealers and brokers.

North American Scrap Metals Directory

Published annually, this is the most comprehensive and widely distributed directory of its kind. Find more than 8,500 companies dedicated to the collection, processing and brokerage of all grades of scrap metal. Includes ISRI members and many more.

Target Market Intelligence

Target Market Intelligence (TMI) is a revolutionary tool to help grow your business. This service makes the Recycling Today Media Group data available through a secure, fully searchable online portal. Publishing the most widely circulated magazine in the field, we have built deep demographic databases that can help industry suppliers, and those sourcing scrap, more effectively target their efforts.