Circular Economy Perspectives

The Circular Economy Perspectives Series is a compilation of essays, podcasts and videos from leaders in various industries embracing the circular economy in their approaches to business. This series is brought to you exclusively by CP Group. More information about CP Group is available at

Circular Economy Perspectives Podcast: Eunice Heath

March 7, 2016

In this Circular Economy Perspectives Series podcast, Recycling Today Media Group's Kristin Smith talks to Eunice Heath, Dow Chemical Co.'s global director, sustainable markets and professional strategy, on how the Midland, Michigan-based company is employing the concept of the circular economy in its global operations. Read More

Circular Economy Perspectives Series: The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

June 20, 2016

In an interview conducted May 31, 2016, Joceyln Belriot, an executive officer with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and Rob Opsomer, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation lead for Project MainStream, a multi-industry global initiative, share their insights on creating a circular economy within the plastics industry. Read More

Circular Economy Perspectives Podcast: John Bradburn

July 28, 2016

John Bradburn, global manager of waste reduction for Detroit-based General Motors (GM), discusses the Detroit-based automaker's goal of recovering all resources to their highest value companywide and in the communities where it operates. Read More

Circular Economy Perspectives Series Podcast: Havi

December 9, 2016

Anthony DiIenno, president, recycling & waste, United States, for Downers Grove, Illinois-based Havi, shares his thoughts on the circular economy and how Havi is helping clients achieve their circular economy objectives related to packaging. Read More