Steinert test center equipped to serve metal recyclers

Germany-based sorting equipment maker also will host September online seminars.

Cologne, Germany-based Steinert says the metal sorting line at its new test and development center in Pulheim, Germany, near Cologne, will officially go into operation during a webinar to be held Sept. 22.

“By opening the new building, the company is trebling its testing capacity, allowing it to be more flexible in responding to customer demands,” states the maker of magnetic and other sorting equipment.

The Sept. 22 opening event will start at 10 a.m. Central European Time as a 90-minute live, German language show. The same show will be presented in English at 5 p.m Central European Time (12 p.m. Eastern time in the United States).

“The event will be celebratory and interactive, allowing guests to get involved at many different points,” states the equipment maker. As part of the event, a presenter will interview Steinert personnel, who will provide “an overview of the sorting technology installed,” says the firm. Guests can participate in live question-and-answer sessions, adds Steinert.

After the initial web event, Steinert will host another seminar on “how to separate nonferrous metals and sorting heavy metals to the maximum.” That online seminar, according to Steinert, will answer questions about: separating nonferrous metals from shredding processes and incineration bottom ash, improving aluminum quality and separating heavy metals in individual fractions.

The company says before the end of 2020, it will introduce additional sorting lines for recycling and mining applications at the Pulheim facility so it can “better achieve its aspiration of ‘test before you buy,’ and can respond with ever more accuracy to the sorting aims of extraction, purity and profitability for each sorting task.”

Peter Funke, CEO of the Steinert Group, states, “The processing sequence deployed in the [test] sorting systems is the same as that used in a real industrial plant. We are delighted that even more customers can try out our technology, from magnetic separators to sensor-based sorting systems, such as X-ray transmission, X-ray fluorescence and near-infrared (NIR).”

According to Steinert, registration for the digital live show is now available on this web page.

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