Star Plastics rebrands product lines

Orion Engineered Resins and reNova Recycled Resins introduced.

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Engineering-grade resin producer Star Plastics, Ravenswood, West Virginia, says it has debuted new product line names and brand pillars as part of a rebranding initiative that reflects its growth strategy and renews its corporate vision.

The company, which was founded in 1988, says its new product brand names—Orion Engineered Resins and reNova Recycled Resinsrepresent its continued investment to grow its suite of engineered compounds for customers and a strategic focus on its recycled product line, which is a foundational strength of the company based on Star’s more than three decades’ experience with recycled content.

“The new product line names illustrate Star Plastics’ commitment to accelerated growth and our continued evolution to meet customers’ needs, both inside the company and out,” says Don Wiseman, Star Plastics chief executive officer. “Meanwhile, our new brand pillars reflect the renewed sense of purpose, energy and enthusiasm of all our employees and perfectly embody our commitment to quality, service and innovation.”

The rebranding follows recent announcements of a $5 million investment in new equipment and a global partnership with LATI, a European manufacturer of engineering thermoplastics, as Star Plastics continues to increase the breadth of its product offerings to customers and invest for long-term growth. Star Plastics was acquired by Chicago-based Akoya Capital Partners in August 2021, launching Akoya’s custom-engineered compounds, specialty products and elastomers platform and helping to advance Star Plastics’ growth goals and expansion plans.

The new products are named after stars or constellations and reflect how Star Plastics collaborates with customers to formulate products that shine with high-performance properties, according to the company.

Star Plastics says the reNova Recycled product line brings together the company’s 35 years of experience in processing recycled polymers and its extensive recycled resins product line, which includes UL Environment-certified polymers, UL-listed fire-retardant materials, custom colors and content containing postindustrial and pre- and postconsumer recycled content, information technology equipment recycled material or ocean-bound plastics, to help Star Plastics customers create innovative, sustainable materials that advance sustainability goals and contribute to a circular economy.

Star Plastics’ Orion Engineered Resins is a high-performance, engineering-grade thermoplastic and composite product line that enhances the performance, design and functionality of applications in a broad spectrum of industries, the company says. The product line is named after a hunter from Greek mythology who was known for precision, accuracy and speed, which the company says are qualities the Star Plastics team brings to its formulations.

Its new brand pillars—Partnership + Problem-Solving, Fast + Flexible, Rigorous + Reliable, Innovative + Evolving, and Engineering + Expertise—reflect Star Plastics’ five points of competitive advantage and how the Star treatment leads to star performance for its customers, according to the company. 

Star Plastics employees also are building a new sustainability strategy for the company based on three pillars: Resource-Efficient Operations, Partnering for More Sustainable Products and Processes and Thriving Communities. As part of the strategy, the company says it is conducting a materiality assessment and crafting sustainability goals aligned to select United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“Overall, the rebranding initiative marks another major milestone in the evolution of Star Plastics, as we continue to grow for and with our customers around the globe,” says Doug Ritchie, Star Plastics founder and chief strategy officer.

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