Seaflex introduces toys made with ocean-bound plastic

The products for dogs are made with recycled material that prevents improperly discarded plastic from migrating to the oceans.

example of West Paw dog toy made from Seaflex

Photo provided by West Paw

West Paw of Bozeman, Montana, is setting sail on a new eco-venture: a collection of safe, nontoxic pet toys and feeding accessories that save plastic from winding up in our oceans. All toys are made with Seaflex, an exclusive blend of 12.5 percent recycled ocean-bound plastic and zero-waste Zogoflex material. The ocean-bound recycled plastic is high-density polyethylene.

Millions of tons of improperly discarded plastics head for the ocean every year—bad news for the planet. But thanks to a collaboration with Los Angeles-based Oceanworks, West Paw says it is able to safely and responsibly source ocean-bound plastic from threatened coastal areas in Central America and make them into products dogs love.

Oceanworks describes itself as the global marketplace for recycled plastic materials and products, helping to connect global demand for sustainable materials with trusted suppliers.

“We are inspired to use the power of business to help solve environmental and social challenges,” says Spencer Williams, owner and CEO of West Paw. “By developing innovative materials like Seaflex that can be turned into durable pet toys and household goods while helping stop plastic from reaching the ocean, we intend to be a part of the solution.”

“As animal lovers ourselves, we were thrilled to assist West Paw in their creation of high quality, sustainable pet accessories," says Vanessa Coleman, CEO, Oceanworks. “West Paw's drive to create this new collection showcases their forward-thinking and commitment to doing their part to keep plastic out of the ocean.”


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