Savage joins Cyclyx to help increase plastic recycling

Cyclyx aims to raise plastic recycling rates from 10 percent to 90 percent.

A Savage worker posing in front of a truck

Image courtesy of Savage

A supply chain partner to the plastics and chemicals industry, Salt Lake City-based Savage has joined Cyclyx International, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a consortium-based company working to divert plastics from landfills and increase plastic recycling rates from 10 percent to 90 percent.

Savage says it works to responsibly and safely move and manage more than 3.5 million tons of plastic materials annually through its network of transload terminals and other sites across North America. The company also participates in the Plastics Industry Association’s Operation Clean Sweep and the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care programs to help contain plastic resins and keep the environment and waterways clean.

“We’re excited to join with Cyclyx and other industry partners, including some of our customers, to drive innovations that enable more plastic to be recycled and to significantly reduce plastic waste,” Savage President and CEO Kirk Aubry says. “We hope our supply chain expertise can help create a more sustainable future by modernizing the supply chain for waste plastic and reducing the environmental impacts.”

According to Savage, only 10 percent of the world’s postuse plastic gets recycled, relying on fragmented and inefficient systems. The company adds that valuable plastics end up in landfills, incinerators and the environment, partly because of the chemical complexity and variety of postuse plastics and the use of existing infrastructure not designed for the circular economy.

Savage says advanced recycling allows these plastics to be reused as feedstock in the refinery process, chemically broken down into raw materials used to create new plastic pellets.

“We’re pleased to welcome Savage as members in Cyclyx and look forward to working together to divert postuse plastic from landfills through our ’10 to 90’ programs,” Cyclyx CEO Joe Vaillancourt says. “Our objective is to transform the recycling industry and give postuse plastics new life by providing customized feedstocks for our customers to use in their recycling technologies that convert this valuable material back into its original building blocks for reuse.”

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