RAA proposes standardized recycle labels

Move is being done to reduce contamination levels.

The Minneapolis-based nonprofit group Recycle Across America (RAA) says it is using some simple solutions to address problems associated with recycling. Specifically, RAA says it is taking steps to ensure that confusion about bin-level recycling does not result in greater contamination of the recycling stream. 

According to RAA, the most significant cause of contamination is inconsistency in labelling on recycling bins. This results in the disposal of nonrecyclable garbage into the bins, obliging recyclers to remove the contaminants and reducing the profitability in the overall stream. 
Much of the confusion is attributable to the fact that individual groups and organizations are usually left to decide on their own labelling for recycling, the group says. To reduce confusion at the bin, RAA offers standardized bin labels to simplify the recycling process. This movement to universalize recycling labels would also allow manufacturers greater access to recycled materials, which are often in short supply because of contamination, RAA says.  
Additionally, RAA is launching the “Let’s Recycle Right!” campaign, which calls upon celebrities and popular brands to call attention to the issue of confused recycling. 

RAA says it encourages recyclers to call upon city officials and business to adopt the standardized label practice, as well as to spread word about the issue. 
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