Pellenc introduces new sorting technology

The Mistral Compact optical sorter is designed to address issues with plant retrofit projects.

Pellenc ST debuts the Mistral Compact.
Pellenc ST

The main issues with plant retrofit projects are the difficulties associated with implementing new equipment.

To address this issue, Pellenc ST, based in Pertuis, France, introduces the Mistral Compact optical sorter, a compact unit that lends itself well to retrofits and large projects. The unit has been specially designed to eliminate the headaches often associated with modernizing existing plants, Pellenc says in a news release.

Two possible configurations mean the Mistral Compact can be integrated easily into existing facilities, replacing old equipment regardless of the width, model or brand previously installed.

The Mistral Compact delivers the same versatile high-performance sorting of Pellenc’s Mistral+ range of optical sorters and is backed up by Charlotte, North Carolina-based Pellenc ST America’s technical support.

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