Greenwave opens metal recycling facility in Fairmont, North Carolina

The same day, the company also announced results of its annual shareholder meeting.

Greenwave Technology Solutions Inc.'s new metal recycling facility in Fairmont, North Carolina
Chesapeake, Virginia-based Greenwave Technology Solutions opened its 12th metal recycling facility, located in Fairmont, North Carolina, on Dec. 1.
Photo courtesy of Greenwave Technology Solutions Inc.

Greenwave Technology Solutions Inc., Chesapeake, Virginia, has announced the opening of its 12th metal recycling facility, located in Fairmont, North Carolina. The plant is one of two the company will open in the month of December, with a 13th facility set to begin operations in the coming weeks in Richmond, Virginia.

As the Fairmont facility opened Dec. 1, Greenwave also held its annual meeting of shareholders, which the company says overwhelmingly approved each of its proposed corporate actions and elected its existing board of directors by a wide margin.

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Greenwave says more than 60 percent of its outstanding common shares participated in the annual meeting, either in person or via proxy.

“We are grateful to Greenwave’s shareholders for their unwavering support and we are committed to delivering on our aggressive growth strategy,” Greenwave CEO Danny Meeks says.

According to Meeks, the Fairmont facility required a roof replacement, as well as a remodeling of the office and an installation of new scales, leading to a delay. He adds that he believes the facility’s contribution to the company’s metal volumes and revenue will make the hard work and long delay worth it.

“In the coming weeks, we expect to open our 13th location, bring our second automotive shredder online and release our growth plans for 2023,” Meeks says. “With the strongest balance sheet in our corporate history, we believe Greenwave is optimally positioned to create shareholder value in the coming quarters.”

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