Erema displays circular technology at K Fair

PET bottle-to-bottle recycling system among technology Austrian firm displays at German exhibition.

erema kfair 2022
Erema displayed its equipment at what it called its Circonomic Centre at the K 2022 (K Fair) trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Photo courtesy of Erema Group GmbH

Erema Group GmbH, which develops and makes plastic recycling equipment, says visitors to its Circonomic Centre display at the K 2022 (K Fair) trade show in in Düsseldorf, Germany, this fall were able to get a sense of recycling and the circular economy as “a tangible experience.”

Erema, based in Austria, describes the trade show as “positive all around, and that applies to the interest shown by visitors as well as to the number of plants sold.”

“Recycling and the circular economy have arrived 100 percent in the plastics industry," Erema CEO Manfred Hackl says. "This year’s K Fair showed that very clearly.”

Hackl says the decision to have all Erema Group companies exhibiting on the same stand proved to be a good one, because the display was able to provide “an excellent overview of the wide-ranging machine portfolio” of the technology firm.

The machinery provider displayed two new “extrusion innovations” designed to “achieve effective benefits for the quality of melt, recycled pellets and final product, and set the benchmark in terms of energy efficiency for their postconsumer and PET [polyethylene terephthalate] recycling applications.”

"We have already received the first orders for these two technologies, which confirms that we are meeting customer needs very well," Hackl says.

Also displayed at the trade fair was bottle-to-bottle recycling technology for the production of food-contact compliant rPET pellets and new sizes of Vacurema technology plants, designed to enable throughputs of up to six metric tons per hour. A new Vacunite plant was ordered by an rPET manufacturer at the show, Erema adds.

Erema says the aim of the Circonomic Centre was to draw attention to what is technologically possible in terms of recycling and the circular economy, demonstrating technology that “in many cases has already been successfully implemented in commercial terms."

Erema says 100-percent-recycled pellet content can now be found in children’s toys as well as in food packaging. “This really opened the eyes of many visitors, and will help us implement new circular economy projects even more quickly in the future,” Hackl says.

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