Decatur, Georgia, enacts recycling regulations

Residents will now be required to separate glass from other recyclables.

According to an article by Neighbor Newspapers, Marietta, Georgia, a new set of recycling regulations has been instated in Decatur, Georgia, requiring residents to segregate their glass from their other recyclables.

Residents must provide their own bins for glass, which must be 18 gallons or smaller. Paper, plastics and metal will continue to be collected in the same bin.
“If you kind of step back and look at metro Atlanta, what is happening is that recycling processing facilities have been telling clients they will no longer accept commingled  materials which contain glass,” Project Manager Lena Stevens told the website. “We were contacted by our processor who said they were going to stop as of July 1.” 
The annual sanitation fee for the new fiscal year will be raised from $250 to $275 to cover the cost for separate glass collection. Residents will see an adjustment of $25 on the second property tax installment bill sent later this year, the article says.
An online survey the city conducted found that more than 90 percent of residents were in favor of the increased fee to continue curbside glass recycling services. 
“We are really impressed with our residents,” Stevens said. “We have done some spot checking and are seeing people actually separating their glass. There will be a learning curve, but we will work with people and tackle that as we get to it.”
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