Cyclyx launches new website geared toward increasing plastic recycling

In addition, the new site aims to provide individuals with a better understanding of how recycling works.

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A consortium-based postconsumer plastic innovation company with a goal to increase the recyclability of plastic from 10 percent to 90 percent, Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based Cyclyx International has launched a new website, Cyclyx says the site is focused on implementing new residential and consumer-based plastic material takeback programs that have the potential to dramatically increase the amount and types of plastics diverted from landfills.

The company says the new site is designed to provide individuals with a broader understanding of how recycling works and how their own actions can make a positive impact to increase the recyclability of plastics.

The initial iteration of the website is being launched in coordination with programs that are rolling out in the Houston area as part of the Houston Recycling Collaboration, Cyclyx says, with the intention of adding more programs in the coming year that can help accelerate plastic recycling, locally in the short term with a  goal to impact global recycling rates in the long term.

Cyclyx says 10 to 90 is a set of takeback programs, education, rewards and engagement tools supported by members of the Cyclyx consortium of companies, designed to incentivize small changes of behavior at home in order to increase the amount of plastics diverted from landfills and into the Cyclyx supply chain. It adds that those plastics can then be recycled to a range of products by consortium members through mechanical and advanced recycling processes.

“We are very excited to offer this new tool to help people become better informed about the impact they can have on recycling and to help them actively participate in the 10 to 90 mission,” Cyclyx CEO Joe Vaillancourt says. “People are frustrated by the complexity of the recycling systems that are in place, and the fact that most waste plastics are not actually recycled. With our 10 to 90 programs, our mission is to accept all types of plastic, regardless of the number on the bottom, with the goal of preparing it for use by our members to make new recycled products, helping us on our mission to increase the recyclability of plastic.

He says, “Our goal is to mobilize residents and consumers through our 10 to 90 programs to divert more waste plastics from landfill and into the Cyclyx system. There, Cyclyx and its members can work together to help find new recycling pathways for those plastics as we strive on our mission to increase recycling rates from 10 percent to 90 percent.”

Cyclyx says the initial launch of the new website includes general information on recycling, a description of future programs, a summary of how Cyclyx works and a form allowing users to be notified when programs are available in their areas. The company says future releases will include additional developments such as drop-off locations, educational games and the ability to enroll and participate in a rewards program allowing them to earn Virgin Points from Virgin Red.

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