Colonial Metals closes

Pennsylvania company shuts down ingot-making operations.

According to local press reports, red metals ingot maker Colonial Metals Co., based in Columbia, Pennsylvania, has closed.

One report indicates employees received layoff notices with two-days’ notice that the facility, which consumes scrap metal to produce brass, copper and bronze products, was closing. The Central Penn Business Journal article on the melt shop closing can be found here

The Colonial Metals production line reportedly closed on June 1.

The “Our History” page of the Colonial Metals website states the firm was founded in 1946 and quickly grew to become “one of the nation’s largest producers of copper-base alloy ingots.” The company grew to melt and recycle nearly 90 million pounds (45,000 tons) of scrap metal each year.

In mid-June of this year, David Serls, owner, board chair and chief operating officer of the firm, died at the age of 82.

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