The Alliance to End Plastic Waste names finalists for Asia Pacific program

Eleven startups have been shortlisted.

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste, based in Singapore, and Plug and Play, based in California’s Silicon Valley, have named 11 finalists for the Asia Pacific hub of the End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform, a 90-day accelerator program that supports startups with innovations to address plastic waste. The c virtual Selection Day was organized from Singapore and is the alliance and Plug and Play’s third selection hub, following programs in Silicon Valley and Paris.

The Asia Pacific program is designed to focus on three areas: collecting, managing and sorting plastic waste; recycling and processing technologies; and creating value from postrecycled plastics. The accelerator program will help selected startups seek funding from companies and investors, along with a range of global resources to address these focus areas, according to a news release issued by Plug and Play.

The 11 selected startups are from Australia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and the United Arab Emirates:

  • Agile Process Chemical LLP is a technology and machinery supplier for recycling end-of-life plastic waste.
  • Banyan Nation is one of India’s first vertically integrated plastic recycling companies.
  • Bintix brings the data dimension into waste management, where all household waste is recycled and doesn't end up in a landfill, and the value of waste increases ten-fold.
  • BlockTexx is a clean technology company that recovers polyester and cellulose from textiles and clothing.
  • BluePhin Technologies is a robot that can collect floating waste in commercial water bodies.
  • Ishitva Robotic Systems Pvt Ltd. designs and builds automated solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT for sorting and segregation of plastics.
  • Myanmar Recycles is a plastic film recycling facility specializing in postconsumer plastic that collects, sorts, washes and pelletizes plastic film into resin for domestic and international sale.
  • Plastics For Change has developed a marketplace platform that connects waste-pickers to global markets and ensures a consistent supply of high quality recycled plastic for brands.
  • PolyCycl’s patented technology chemically recycles plastics to petrochemical feedstock that has been approved for the manufacturing of new monomers and plastics.
  • Re>Pal recycles mixed plastics from Indonesia into pallets.
  • Rekosistem is an end-to-end zero waste management startup that aims for sustainable ecosystems via digital solutions and renewable energy.

Nicholas Kolesch, vice president of projects for the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, says, "We're delighted to welcome all 11 finalists to the End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform. Together with the startups that have been selected from the Silicon Valley and Paris programs, we now have a total of over 30 startups all over the world pushing new ideas and technologies in support of our mission."

Matthew Claxton, global director of Plug and Play's sustainability program, says, "I could not be prouder and more excited to launch our third End Plastic Waste Innovation Hub. Together with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, we will be able to accelerate the growth of these 11 innovative startups and scale their plastic wastes solutions in the areas that need it the most," says.

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