plastic recycling award cope vortex
Representatives from Vortex Global and Cope Plastics celebrate the Vortex recycling milestone.
Photo provided by Vortex Global.

Vortex Global receives recycling award from Cope Plastics

Bulk handling products maker honored for its role in industrial plastics recycling systems.

Salina, Kansas-based bulk material handling equipment and components maker Vortex Global says it has been recognized for the third time in six years by Alton, Illinois-based Cope Plastics for its role in helping recycle postindustrial plastic scrap. Vortex says it has received a Gold Level Milestone from Cope for its “commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility and making the world a better place.”

The Cope award recognizes companies that have achieved a total of 200,000 pounds (100 tons) of recycled industrial plastics. For Vortex, that milestone was reached in a six-year span.

“Our awards are based on quantity of plastic that we have kept out of the landfills and brought back into the industry. Vortex’s latest accomplishment of 200,000 pounds of recycled plastic is very significant,” says Kip Slattery, recycling sales manager at Cope Plastics. “Cope’s Topeka branch has several customers that utilize our recycling plan, and Vortex is the first to reach the 200,000-pound mark. Cope Plastics has 16 branch locations with Topeka being the third highest in volume for recycling, due in large part to participation from Vortex.”

Cope Plastics say its Milestone Awards are part of the Cope Solutions-Based Customer Recycling Award Program (SCRAP), designed to recognizes companies making a conscious effort to recycle surplus plastic materials. In 2016, Vortex achieved SCRAP’s Green Level Milestone Award for recycling 50,000 pounds of industrial plastics and in 2018 received the Silver Level Milestone Award for recycling 100,000 pounds.

“Playing an active role in the sustainable plastic manufacturing industry is very important to Vortex,” says Tim Deines, director of supply chain at Vortex. “We are proud to be part of this effort, and the partnership we have with Cope Industries to help make this happen. We look forward to continuing this program so the important natural resources that make up plastics are respected and used appropriately.”

Vortex Global, a maker of slide gates, diverters, iris valves and loading for handling dry bulk solids, says the company and its employees are taking part in recycling initiatives globally not only in Kansas but also in China, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Cope Plastics describes itself as a plastics distributor and the largest fabricator of machined plastic parts in North America.