volvo wheel loader fire suppression system

Volvo wheel loaders feature fire-suppression system

The factory-installed fire suppression system was developed especially for Volvo wheel loaders.

November 3, 2021

Volvo, with North American headquarters in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, has introduced a fully integrated, factory-installed fire suppression system developed especially for Volvo wheel loaders.

The company describes the system as “highly reliable,” noting that it meets the demands of customers and insurance companies.

“Fires are usually intense and difficult to put out with hand-held extinguishers,” Volvo says. “A fast-spreading fire in a wheel loader can cause costly damage not just to the machine but to the surrounding area as well. More and more insurance companies demand that machines working in hazardous environments and with flammable materials … and in waste, recycling and forestry applications should be equipped with flame-retardant systems. Volvo’s new fire suppression system meets these strict demands and helps provide an effective protection against catastrophe.”

According to the company, compared to a third-party system, its factory-installed system features nozzles that are strategically positioned, and the sprinkler system is mounted so it will not interfere with regular service and maintenance. Made with what Volvo says are “trusted and proven components for higher reliability and functionality,” the system also is tested for effectiveness on its own machines.

When the ignition is turned off or the machine is idling with the parking brake engaged, the system is fully automatic to prevent the fire from spreading. When the machine is running, the operator receives information via the alarm (sound and flashing light) and control panel. The operator can then choose to activate the system using the emergency switch or the control panel. By selecting control panel activation, the engine continues to run, allowing the operator to move the machine to safety, Volvo says.

The company notes that this system is designed to give the operator time to reach safety and, if possible, keep the fire from spreading further. In most cases, the system will completely extinguish the fire.